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KirstiConsort Artistic Team

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Tim Veldman has always approached music in various ways. From early childhood he has played the recorder and as a teenager he started to play piano. He started his studies on both instruments at the Utrecht Conservatory, with Heiko ter Schegget (recorder) and Paolo Giacometti (piano).

Because early music started to intrigue him more and more he started to study harpsichord with Siebe Henstra and obtained his Bachelor of Music in 2014 in two instruments, recorder and harpsichord. In the same year he was admitted to the Akademie für Alte Musik in Bremen, where he continued his harpsichord studies with Carsten Lohff and his recorder studies with Han Ton and obtained two Master degrees. Tim’s concert practice has brought him all over Europe, both as a chamber music player and an orchestral musician (Les Talens Lyriques, Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht, Asambura Ensemble). Next to being a performer Tim is a teacher and a composer in old styles.

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Finnish violinist Kirsti Apajalahti plays with Holland Baroque, De Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht and Millenium Orchestra, and regularly leads a Finnish baroque orchestra Espoon Barokki. She also has collaborated with, among others, Christina Pluhar and L’Arpeggiata, Cappella Mediterranea and Orkester Nord. In addition, she plays with many smaller groups like KirstiConsort  and the double bass-violin duo DUO Kirsti&Eva, which plays mostly contemporary and modern music.

Kirsti has won first prize in several ensemble competitions both in the Netherlands and in Finland, and she received an audience award with KirstiConsort at the Fontys De Toonzaal Chamber Music Competition in 2016. Kirsti obtained her bachelor’s degree at Metropolia University in Helsinki and her Master of Music degree at Utrecht Conservatory where she had the privilege to study with Antoinette Lohmann.

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